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Taking a photograph for a memoriam card: Useful tips

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Updated 12 August 2020

When it comes to having a touching reminder of a loved one, nothing can quite match a memoriam card. Of course, the key thing which makes them truly special is the photograph on the card itself. If you are thinking of creating your own memoriam card, making sure to take the best photo you can to use is sensible. But what useful tips are there to help you do this?

What are the best tips for taking a memoriam card photo?

To begin with, it is wise to take a photo which has a resolution of 200dpi or better. This will ensure the photo looks clear and precise when it is printed onto the memoriam card. It is also best to ensure that the photo you take is only of the person the card is about, if possible. This will ensure that there is no confusion as to who the card refers to when produced. The image you take should also be the best quality you can manage and not be blurred, wonky or give an obstructed view of the person you would like the card for. It is also worth taking a photo which shows them in a way you would like to remember them best.

Tips for taking photos on mobile phones

Many people now choose to use their smartphones to take photographs. This is perfectly fine when it comes to memoriam cards. There are a few handy tips to bear in mind first though. It is definitely worth making sure the lighting is good when you take your photo. This will ensure no shadows show up on the image and that it looks amazing. Many phones now have lots of filters and functions for taking photographs, so it can be worth touching up any images you take to remove things like red-eye.

Perfect memoriam cards with Remembered & Loved

The above tips should help you get the best photo possible to create a touching memoriam card. Here at Remembered & Loved, we will also trim the photo you take and remove any background blemishes to make it look fabulous. Browse our website or get in touch today for more details on our range of sensitive memorial cards.