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What information do I include on a memoriam card?

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Updated 12 August 2020

Memoriam card, or memorial card, is a small double-sided card that is given out to guests at funerals. It is usually laminated on both sides and can contain both images and text. The traditional size is 15 cm x 10 cm or A6 before being folded in half. Modern memorial cards can be produced in any size and shape – wallet-sized cards have become popular and offer a way for people to carry the special memory of that person with them at all times.

Memorial cards are a beautiful way to remember the deceased and they act as a poignant keepsake of the funeral service itself. A well-designed and thoughtfully crafted memorial card is a simple yet powerful way to honour the memory of your loved one. But what should you include on a Memoriam card?

A portrait or photograph

A photograph of the loved one usually takes centre stage at the front of a memorial card. Many people choose a photograph that encapsulates the person’s personality – such as a photograph of them smiling or laughing, with loved ones, or taking part in an activity they were passionate about. More than one photo can be included depending on the size and design of the card.

Name, age and, if preferred, details of their passing

The person’s given name, date of birth and date of passing is usually placed above and below the main photo depending on the design. Many people also opt to include a nickname or a name that friends, family and offspring referred to them by.

A religious text or short biography

The type of text included is entirely dependant on how the family wish for their loved one to be remembered and what they feel is most fitting to that person’s life and beliefs. If a short biography is chosen, it could mention things such as their love of a certain sport, their role as a grandparent or that they were devoted to their wife or husband. Some choose to include a poem, a quote or even lyrics taken from a favourite song.

A short memorial message

Always keep in mind that space on the card is limited and too much text will look out of place. For this reason, you may choose to keep your card design very simple and limit text to the name, dates and a short message such as ‘You will be sorely missed’, ‘Forever in our thoughts’ or ‘You were the light of our lives.’